Ladders and Leaderboards

Similar to most competitive games, there will initially be two types of ladders and leaderboards introduced in the game: Individual and Guild leaderboards.

Leaderboards and ranks will drive the overall rewards distributed at the end of every month. Reward pools are dynamically created and detailed in the relevant sections.

Every game played will either increase or decrease a player's points. The number of points you have and your ranking in your region determine the rewards you receive.


There will be 10 ranks in the game, broken down by player percentiles. Here is an example breakdown of the ranks:

  • Iron - Bottom!

  • Bronze - 10th percentile

  • Silver - 20th percentile

  • Gold - 40th percentile

  • Platinum - 60th percentile

  • Diamond - 80th percentile

  • Master - 95th percentile

  • Grandmaster - Top 10,000

  • Challenger - Top 1,000

  • Legendary - Top 100

Mixing percentile and finite ranks allows for clear reward pools and distribution. For example, the top 1-100 will have very clear payouts, but for larger community sizes, Platinum to Master ranks may also receive rewards, split across a larger pool that gets diluted over time. This concept will be explored in the coming months.


A reward pool will be distributed to all Diamond, Master, Grandmaster, Challenger, and Legendary players.


Leaderboards will show the highest-ranking players within their Character Grade. This means there will be separate leaderboards for Free to Play, D, C, B, A, and S grade characters. Each character will have its own ranking, allowing for a lot of replayability.


Several regions will have separate Ranks and Leaderboards. Characters can choose which region they play in and freely move between different regions. This is designed to uphold competitive integrity through reduced lag and ensuring players are ranked appropriately, as regions themselves have different skill levels.

We will initially start with Asia, Europe, and the Americas, and decide in the future if we want to break down the world into more regions over time.

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