Game Equipment Grades and Attributes

IIn Last Remains, the equipment items are categorized by grades, much like the characters. Although certain equipment items may be associated with specific characters, all can be used by any characters. In other words, characters of any grade and gender have the ability to find and equip the items of any grade, including mixing Genesis and non-Genesis items.

For example, your Genesis character can use non-Genesis equipment items, and your Non-Genesis character can use Genesis equipment items. The game offers flexibility to suit your gaming strategy.

The number of attributes each grade of equipment can possess is determined randomly and are randomized as follows:

  • S Grade = 5 attributes

  • A Grade = 4 attributes

  • B Grade = 3 attributes

  • C Grade = 2 attributes

  • D Grade = 1 attribute

For example, if you obtain a B Grade shirt as equipment, you will receive a total of 3 attributes:

Example #1 of B Grade Shirt: Level 1 Blunt Weapon Resistance, Level 1 Running Speed, and Level 1 Pierce Weapon Resistance

Example #2 of B Grade Shert: Level 1 Blunt Weapon Resistance and Level 2 Max Endurance

When randomly receiving attributes in Example #2, Max Endurance randomly generated twice, which merged it to Level 2. This means an item with a total of 3 attributes has the chance of getting a single Level 3 attribute as well.

Higher-grade characters and equipment have superior attributes, increasing their chances of survival. It's important to note that the Last Remains Equipment has a limited lifetime, and it can break either after in-game use or during the Stake, Search, and Rescue game. The only exception is genesis items that have unlimited durability points. In the future, you can use the Last Remain token ($ZT) to repair your items to extend its lifetime.

When your equipment breaks, you'll receive shards. These shards can be used to purchase random equipment loot boxes. In the future, you can expect more utilities for shards.

Here are the Equipment Attribute Types:

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