Item Skins and Shards

Item Skins

Item skins are NFT equipment and weapons that can be equipped onto your character. The utility of Skins is described in the section. Skins can be sold and traded on the marketplace.

Item skins follow the D, C, B, A, and S grading system. Some skins can only be collected through unique methods. For example, the best Backpack may be achievable through a specific method, and the best sword skin can only be found by finding it in the game and winning.

Item Skins have limited durability, known as the number of times they can be used in the game. All games played with skins attached will consume some durability. Once durability is depleted, skins break into shards with various utilities. Shards are points you receive when your skin breaks.

Finally, item skins can be upgraded. The upgrade system is a highly experimental concept that will change over time. Upgrades are likely not to be released in the initial version of the game.

Drop Rates

Drop rates refer to the percentage chance you have of getting a particular item.


After finding an equipable item in the game, that item usually has its own durability. Each time you use the weapon, its durability decreases until it eventually breaks.

This is separate from the durability of your NFT, described in the Sustainability section (Tokenomics). We may consider renaming this to avoid confusion.


Weapons and their sounds are critical. Shooting a weapon will attract zombies from hundreds of meters away from your position, making it difficult and nearly impossible for you to escape once you decide to use a weapon.


We are strategically deciding that aiming will involve action combat for melee weapons and traditional accuracy for weapons.

Obtain Item Skins Through Loot Boxes

There are two types of loot boxes available for purchase: Normal and Premium boxes. Normal boxes can be purchased with shards. All Skins that are no longer usable due to running out of durability turn into shards and can be collected to purchase a Normal loot box.

Normal loot boxes can have a range of C grade or higher rewards.

Premium loot boxes may be purchased with shards and zombie tokens ($ZT). Premium loot can range from B grade or higher rewards.

Obtain Item Skins Through Search and Rescue

The section describes how the Search and Rescue game may be played. There will be item skin rewards for users who participate.

Obtain Item skins by Winning

Throughout the world of Last Remains, users can search for rare item skins. During that journey, a player may find a Skin that can be used for their future game sessions or traded into the marketplace.

Item skins and Shards Ecosystem

Item skins and Shards can exist in the game (off-chain) and in the marketplace (on-chain). Public APIs will be available to keep track of the economy of Skins. A player may transfer skins on-chain and off-chain at any time.

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