The World

Last Remains Environment and Surroundings

The first map is set in the city of Chongqing, China. Players will realistically run through the world, without vehicles, and are heavily limited by stamina. Of course, the world is infested with zombies!

Moving across the world takes a lot of time. Deciding whether to head towards the rescue team's tips on where they plan to pick up the remains is a strategic decision. You may explore known high loot areas or try to be one of the first few to explore land closer to the end game.

Characters need to eat and drink! If they don't, they'll gradually start losing health. Players must search through buildings to find food to prevent their hunger levels from becoming critical. Both food and water are treated as separate needs to be fulfilled. Finding both is crucial to winning the game.

Zombies tend to become congested over time in areas where humans have already been. Not to mention, when you die, you yourself become an AI-powered zombie joining the fight to defeat the remaining humans.

Zombies hear better than they can see. Crouching, walking, and sprinting all have different levels of sound detection, and weather conditions such as storms may hinder the abilities of zombies over time. The world has a dynamic weather and lighting system where you will try to survive for several days within the 30-40 minute game session. Hunger and water both play an important role in surviving long enough to be rescued.

Every building can be explored and will have randomized drops and locked doors. Buildings are vast and have several floors to explore with elevators. Doors will play an important role in battling zombies, especially without any weapons to fight!

It is currently undecided how many players will be in a single world. We are currently estimating 30-50 players for the current map that is being developed. More importantly, we are testing in the ranges of 400 to 1000 zombies, which will be balanced over time. Surprisingly, 600 zombies in the current release are extremely challenging to play against!

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