Features and Utility

Rarity Grades

Characters will have D, C, B, A, and S grades to help players easily understand their value and rarity. Each character will have its own odds in Character Loot Boxes, which will be publicly defined and posted. Obtaining high-rarity characters will be easier prior to the game's launch to incentivize early adopters.

Drop Rates for Grades

Note: Game Launch Drop Rates are subject to change over time.


Characters have a limited amount of stamina used for sprinting, jumping, dodging, and using melee weapons. Ensuring enough stamina to defeat enemies is key. There are consumables that temporarily improve stamina.


Each character will have a profession, which may include a special ability. Here are some examples of professions we are exploring. The initial game will launch with 30 characters and professions.

Search and Rescue Classes

Several seasonal traits will be provided by the on-chain staking game for NFT Characters. The following is a list of the active traits available:

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