A Word From Founder – Joseph Cooper

When conceptualizing Last Remains, we aimed to merge the thrill of battle royale with the ingenuity of stealth gameplay. We believe that Extraction Games and In-Game Assets were made for each other. Our team has brought this idea to life, focusing on the exhilarating moment of finding a rare item and the strategic gameplay required to extract it. Achieving this milestone in 2023 has been a significant triumph for us.

What sets Last Remains apart in the realm of extraction games is the unique way we have incorporated zombies and AI. The game demands more than just combat; it requires survival, stealth, and strategy. Merging Battle Royale with Stealth in a post-apocalyptic setting offers a gameplay experience that's not just about survival but also about mastering the art of strategy.

As we continue to develop Last Remains, we'll be focused on creating a dynamic game environment, introducing formidable Bosses, and fostering a sense of community, as well as competition. Our vision extends to esports, with competitive ladders and exciting tournaments designed to bring players together in pursuit of glory and rewards.

This commitment to excellence and community is the cornerstone of our game, and we're excited to see Last Remains evolve and thrive in the gaming world.

Joseph Cooper,

Project Founder of Last Remains

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