How to Play and Win?

In Last Remains, you wake up to a radio message giving you the first hint of where the rescue helicopter will arrive within 30-40 minutes. For security purposes, the rescue team provides more direct information about the helicopter's landing site.

To win the game, you need to be one of three survivors to reach the helicopter first. As you work towards the rescue point, you have the option to take risks by entering different buildings in search of water, food, weapons, and in-game cosmetics.

These in-game cosmetics are mintable cosmetic NFTs with paired in-game bonuses which can be strategically equipped. There may also be other items that can be collected in the game and introduced in the future.

It's All About Survival, Not Just Killing Zombies

Remember: Last Remains is a game of survival. The more items you collect, the better your chances. Different items have different values and play styles, so choose wisely!

How To Win?

Scoring Strategy:

In our game, you rack up points by collecting items such as jewelry and in-game cosmetics scattered throughout the game world. Remember, eliminating zombies doesn't add to your score, but defeating other players does. We'll provide more detailed information on the points each item is worth in the future.

Keep in mind that you need to collect these equipment and weapon cosmetics first before you can actually own them.

Survival Tips and Rescue Hints:

To aid in survival, the rescue team will periodically provide hints about the helicopter's landing area on the map, eventually revealing the exact pickup point. This will be displayed in-game as a progressively shrinking circle leading to the final location. Along the way, your character will need food and water to survive.

While you can find and immediately use weapons, medical supplies, and throwable items like bottles for distraction, you cannot equip the equipment and weapons you find. You need to extract them by winning the round to use these items in subsequent game rounds.

Winning Rewards:

If you succeed in finding a digital collectible, congratulations! These items are your bounty to keep. For players using "Free to Play" characters, any skins acquired will be soul-bound to your character and won't be transferable to the blockchain.

Ranking and Leaderboards:

Win or lose, every player earns or loses Zombie Points, contributing to their overall rank and position on the leaderboard. Initially, all games will be ranked with no casual mode available. This is to encourage competitive play, with the plan to expand game modes as the game's popularity grows.

Note: This policy may be subject to change, and the concept of Zombie Points might be new to some players, so we'll ensure to provide more clarity on this in future updates.

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