NFT Characters

Characters can be minted on the blockchain or purchased as an in-app transaction (Credit Card, Apple Pay, Epic Games Store, etc.). Think of characters as a battle pass with a limited 60-day game limit.

While a battle pass is active, players that extract item skins from the game will be allowed to freely transfer these items to the blockchain.

A Character Loot Box is priced at US$20. Loot boxes will provide a random D-S grade character, with D grade being common and S grade extremely rare. The first loot boxes were given out for free in April 2023 on Earn Alliance.

Once you activate a Character, it will no longer be transferrable to the blockchain. Activating your character will generate a random 60-day battle pass based on its rarity to drive rewards. After 60 days, the character will no longer be able to progress the battle it generated.

There are over 30 NFT character professions, and a grading system (D, C, B, A, S) defines their rarity. More information can be found in the designated section.

These characters will have an infinite supply, which can be purchased on demand through Character Loot Boxes after the game's launch in Q4 2023.

Prior to the game's launch, a limited supply of Characters will be released for early-access gameplay and other purposes.

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