NFT Genesis Character

Genesis Characters offer the same benefits as NFT Characters but function as a lifetime battle pass; they do not have a 60-day time limit. They are not soulbound, which means they can be transferred or sold on marketplaces. These characters will have a limited supply of 10,000 and can only be purchased during our mint event in May 2023 or on secondary markets such as on OpenSea.

Genesis Characters were sold for about 80 $MATIC or $60 USD at the time of our Genesis launch. These characters will be on the Polygon network and can be purchased with multiple currencies and potentially a credit card.

Benefits to be confirmed with Genesis Characters include:

  • Claimable swag and exclusive benefits

  • Priority access to early testing

  • In the future, be able to use and monetize with the Last Remains IP

  • Lifetime access to earn item skins and shards and participate in any season's battle passes

  • Discounts in creating a guild for the season.

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