Zombie Token ($ZT)


The team has honed in on specific utilities for the Zombie Token, ensuring it serves as a valuable asset within the gaming ecosystem. These utilities include:

  • Discounts on marketplace fees and any potential on-chain utility fees, such as upgrades.

  • The ability for token holders to vote on the game's direction, providing valuable insights to the development team. It's important to note that these votes are not company decisions but rather a means for players to influence the game team.

  • Involvement in the guild reward pool, with more details to be provided in the near future.

  • Fees used to reset the durability of your item skins


This is a proposed tokenomics breakdown for the Zombie Token, including a 4-5 year vesting schedule for various parties. Community rewards will be distributed over 5 years.

Vesting Schedule

We expect vesting to occur for 24-60 months depending on the participating parties. More information will be shared in the future as this formalizes.


There will be no formal governance for token holders. The token is used purely for utility but allows holders to influence the following:

  • Voting on prize pool distribution among the three different competition methods.

  • Voting on features and the game's direction. The community can propose changes for the developers to respond to, accept, or reject.

Voting on community projects and gaining access to the game's IP.

More information will be available in 2024.


Our aim is to create a non-inflationary game economy. While Characters and Equipment are inflationary by nature, they all have finite utility usage lifespans.

  • NFT characters can play and earn only during one game season (estimated to be 60 days).

  • NFT Equipment items can be used only for a finite number of game sessions.

  • The supply of $ZT is capped at 1 billion tokens.

  • Rewards are not infinite and are intended only as an initial distribution strategy.

  • A token-burning strategy for $ZT, similar to $BNB, will be shared in due course.

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