Search and Rescue Staking Game

Competitive Staking Rewards


Stake, Search, and Rescue is an on-chain staking game in which NFT holders of a Character NFT and a minimum of 3 equipment NFTs can stake them to compete for rewards. The game is designed for players to explore and solve what equipment NFTs work best with which Character. Players also are combining equipped characters into a team of 3 which have synergies to explore as well. Every season of the game, there will be a specific combination of equipment(s) on a specific Character which may or may not unlock bonuses that improve the performance of your team.
The stake, search, and rescue game is designed to entice NFT holders to compete against each other for the distribution of our Zombie Token ($ZT)and Skins and Shards. The game aims to be fun, and collaborative, as we expect the community to build tools and observe the performance of their NFTs in the game.
This will act as an alternative to traditional staking. No party in the community can simply buy up NFTs to stake for $ZToken rewards. All rewards will be based on how you stake your NFTs and require someone (preferably a gamer) who is keen to crack the gamification.


First, you stake your Character(s) and a minimum of 3 equipment NFTs with it. Once staked, your characters will go out to search for NFTs, $ZOM, and valuables to increase their score in the leaderboard. The search is automatic and requires no user interaction. Once staked, everything is on autopilot and you watch events queue up in the console and observe what happens over the course of hours and days. There are a few different events that can happen every 15-60 minutes.

Nothing Happened...

Most of the time, your characters will not find anything. They will have random events such as kicking back with a beer or finding a toy bunny that may be sentimental. Who knows... it's a search after all.

Found Loot!

Your character can find the following loot during the search:
  • NFTs - The reward everyone is yearning for!
  • Food - Keeps you alive for longer
  • Water - Also keeps you alive for longer
  • Weapons - Benefits you against bosses, zombies and players!
  • Medicine - Heals you up
  • Jewelry - Gives you Search Points
  • Junk - Stuff you really don't care about and is equal to "nothing happened".

Zombie Encounter

Your team will run into zombies. When this happens, it sucks. They will battle. Health may deplete and it may slow down your effort to find NFTs. In some cases, this is where having a team versus staking only a single Character comes into place, as some team members can help one another with this event.


Yes! This is the event everyone hopes to run into because it has a guaranteed NFT drop. Note that, boss encounters are highly unlikely to be won if you do not have an entire team staked. This is the only event all three characters truly are pulled in as a single unit going against something epic.
Game loop draft

Staking Costs

Last Remains is designed to be a sustainable economy which means most NFT utility comes with a price... In Stake, Search, and Rescue, Character NFTs have no limit to how long they can participate in the game but Skins and Shards will deplete Durability Points. We expect D Grade equipment skins to last a minimum of 2 weeks and season reward odds are favorable in the early days as mentioned in What rewards should I expect to win?
Exact calculations of durability points will be released by the end of Q2 2023.

Leaderboard Rewards

Leaderboards will be based on Search Points which are added up to all the collectibles your team finds at the end of the leaderboard cycle (weekly/monthly TBD). Top players will also win NFT rewards.

What can you stake?

Characters and Equipment NFTs can be staked together to compete for staking rewards. Each Character has 8 equipment skin slots just like the main game itself:
  • Hat
  • Mask
  • Shirt
  • Jacket
  • Hands
  • Pants
  • Shoes
  • Backpack
You can stake up to 3 Characters together as a team. Combining that with 8 items each, that's 24 equipment skins in total! Characters will have seasonal "Stake, Search, and Rescue" traits which can be found in stake-search-and-rescue-traits

What will change between seasons?

  • What items benefit which characters
  • Stake, Search, and Rescue traits
  • Potentially new dynamic features!

What rewards should I expect to win?

There will be 15,000,000 $ZT allocated to Season 0's prize pool and there is no cap on the amount of NFT rewards that will be won. The odds for Seasons 0 and 1 will be designed so that every character that has been staked with a semi-optimal configuration of 3 equipment skins will hold about ~30 NFTs by the time the game launches in December 2023. This excludes the NFTs that have been won and reinvested into the stake, search, and rescue due to Staking Costs

When is the first season?

The first season is expected to start in July 2023.