Brief Introduction

Last Remains is a stealth zombie battle royal. Let's break that down:
  • The Battle Royale genre went mainstream by the Player Unknowns Battle Grounds MOD and popularized beyond the masses by Fortnite. In the game, you drop into a map with 100 other players, and a powerful electrical sphere randomly shrinks in size every few minutes, eventually forcing all players to meet on the map for the final showdown. Players start with nothing but can take risks by entering buildings during their journey in search of gear; the risk being that someone might be in that house ready to ‘send you back to the lobby’. These games are heavily built around shooting.
  • Zombie games have been popular since the inception of gaming. Resident Evil is one of the first to receive a movie adaptation. This was followed by Left 4 Dead and many others.
  • Stealth games force players to use the environment to get around obstacles rather than running out in the open shooting people or using highly tuned reactive skills to outplay their opponents. The most popular ones are Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed (which was also made into a movie), and the gorgeous Last Of Us.
The Blend: What Makes Last Remains Special?
Imagine this: You're in a zombie-infested world. Would you rather throw an alarm clock to distract zombies or fire a gun and attract a horde? Well, in Last Remains, you can do both and will need to think carefully. Combined with web3 gaming elements, players will compete in a player-vs-player-vs-environment world, taking risks to find In-Game Assets that can be extracted by being one of the three survivors who are picked up by the rescue helicopter.
At the heart of Last Remains, our ethos is transparency and innovation. This litepaper is our first step to building an open and public game. It's designed to be highly competitive, challenging to even the most adept gamers, and features graphic content not suitable for children. Our game embodies the competitive spirit of esports, a core element from day one, with advanced features like Spectator and "God" modes developed early to enhance the competitive viewing experience.