Zombie Token ($ZT)


The token is going under massive debate and consideration due to balancing the interests of gamers and web3 enthusiasts. At this stage, it has been challenging to please all parties and the team has doubled down on focusing on the following utilities.
  • Discounts on marketplace fees and any potential on-chain utility fees such as upgrades
  • Vote on the direction of the game which will provide insights to the development team.
    • Votes are not company decisions, only a way to participate in influencing the game team.
  • Fees to compete in the guild reward pool see more in Ladder and Leaderboards
  • Fees to upgrade Skins and Shards


This is a proposed tokenomics breakdown of what Zombie Token could look like. There would be a 4-5 year vesting schedule for various parties and our community rewards will be distributed over 5 years.

Vesting Schedule


There will be no formal governance for token holders. The token is used as a pure utility but does have the benefits of influencing the following
  • Token Holders can vote on how prize pool distributions flow between the three different ways to compete which care Ladder and Leaderboards, Search and Rescue Staking Game and our Esportscompetitions
  • Vote for features and directions of the game. The community can come together and propose changes that the developers can respond to, accept and reject.
  • Vote for community projects and gets access to the IP of the game.
More information will be available in 2024.


We are aiming to create a non-inflationary game economy. The Characters and Equipment are inflationary by nature, but all have a finite amount of time they can be used.
  • Character NFTs can only play and earn during 1 game season (estimated to be 60 days)
  • Equipment NFTs can only be used for a finite amount of game sessions
  • The supply of $ZT is finite at 1 billion tokens. Rewards are not infinite and only used as an initial distribution strategy!
  • A burning strategy for $ZT similar to $BNB will be shared
You can read about the different aspects of our economy on the following links: